Here Is Why BLACKPINK Doesn’t Have A Designated Leader

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The super rookies of YG Entertainment sat down for a radio interview with “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power FM” to talk about their recent comeback sweeping music charts nationally and internationally.

The DJ of the show, Choi Hwa Jung asked the girls about their age first, to which the girl revealed that Jisoo is the eldest and Lisa is the youngest of the group.

Jennie added to that saying:

“We have no leader therefore we look for the eldest of the group instead (hence Jisoo)”

DJ Choi Hwa Jung then asked them why they don’t have a designated leader, to that Jisoo said:

“We spent lots of time together back when we were trainees, so we’ve gotten pretty close to each other, therefore we decided to not have a leader for our group.”

BLACKPINK is one of the rare girl group in kpop that don’t have a leader in mind. But it doesn’t seem to be bothering fans!

Who do you think should be the leader of BLACKPINK?

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