BIGBANG’s T.O.P Rumored To Be Dating SM Actress Kim Gavin After Couple Photos Spread Online + YG Issues A Response

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BIGBANG’s T.O.P and Actress Kim Gavin are rumored to be dating each other!

Actress Kim Gavin made a mistake on social media, she posted a photo of her and BIGBANG’s T.O.P at a party on her instagram, the two looked intimate together as T.O.P wrapped his arms around her.

She immediately deleted the photo after she posted it, but fans had already screenshot the photo and spread it online. The photo was posted to her public instagram account. T.O.P had also posted a photo of himself wearing that same outfit on his instagram when he celebrated his birthday back on November 4, 2019. So fans came to the conclusion that the photo is old.

Soon, netizens began taking a look at Kim Gavin’s profile and they’ve noticed ‘evidence’ that support the two are actually dating in real life. Photos from their instagram paint a similar picture, same locations, same outfits and such; take a look at what netizens found below:

T.O.P had recently deleted a lot of his instagram pictures despite being a regular uploader on instagram. Only 12 photos remain on his profile as of this writing. We’re unsure if he deleted the posts before or after the rumors began.

Kim Gavin appeared on Mnet’s Love Catcher 2 and has since signed with SM C&C as an actress.

Later, YG Entertainment was contacted for a statement, they told the press,

“It is difficult for us to confirm because it is an artist’s personal matter. We ask for your understanding.”

SM C&C also followed with a statement to the press, they stated,

“It is difficult to confirm the reports. We ask for your understanding.”

Kim Gavin is preparing for her acting debut under SM C&C.

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  1. If he is dating I would be more than happy! Seunghyun deserves to be with someone especially since he has been through so much. If They are dating I hope she helps him mentally. I don’t know much about her but I hope she is a good person!

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