BIGBANG’s Seungri Personally Spoils Secrets About His Highly Anticipated Upcoming Album

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On May 13, Seungri performed at the Youth Festival and personally shared happy news with fans, he revealed that his solo album is coming out this summer, he added,

“Yang Hyun Suk will announce it.”

Fans went wild after hearing the happy news of the maknae’s highly anticipated comeback, after hearing the loud cheers of the fans, he added,

“This solo album is packed with songs that you will like, and I filled it with feelings of being able to play crazy with you. I worked with the composers of Camilla Cabello’s hit song ‘Havana’ and with some famous foreign DJs as well.”

Being the only remaining BIGBANG member, he promised fans good news about his upcoming solo concert and vowed to make fans happy with his upcoming music, he added,

“I show it to you musically, and I have recently gotten back to making appearances on broadcasting stations, and I hope that you will enjoy it. Let’s have fun together this summer. This time, its going to be amazing.”

His also embarking on a Japanese solo tour and will be visiting 3 cities, holding a total of 6 concerts in Chiba, Fukuoka, and Osaka.

Who’s excited about Seungri’s upcoming solo comeback?

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