BIGBANG Taeyang Departs YG Entertainment And Joins YG Affiliate Label

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BIGBANG Taeyang has departed YG Entertainment.

In the afternoon of December 26, YG Entertainment announced that Taeyang will be working as an artist under The Black Label, a YG-related company, and assured the fans that there will be no change for him as a member of BIGBANG.

Taeyang, who debuted as a member of BIGBANG in 2006, has been loved by many fans after the release of various hit songs. Although the members have been together at YG Entertainment for 16 years, they are also members who have been moving to different agencies recently. First of all, in February, after T.O.P’s exclusive contract expired with YG Entertainment and announced that he will do his activities separately. Taeyang departed and joined YG Entertainment-related company, but he plans to continue his activities with affiliates other than YG Entertainment.

The Black Label is a label established in 2016 by Teddy, the main producer of YG Entertainment and a member of the group One Time. In addition to Taeyang, singers Zion.T and Jeon Somi belong to the agency.

Check out the full statement of the agency below!

“Hello, we’re YG Entertainment. We would like to inform you that Taeyang of BIGBANG is working as an artist for the YG affiliate, The Black Label. We’re truly happy to tell you about the new start of Taeyang. There is no change in the fact that he is a family member of YG Entertainment and a member of BIGBANG. We know that many people are waiting for BIGBANG’s activities, so we will work hard to do that. Thank you.”

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