BIGBANG T.O.P Spotted Filming For Something, Insiders Report He’s Preparing For A Large Scale Comeback

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BIGBANG T.O.P is preparing for something new!

On June 7, media outlet The Fact published photos of what appears to be BIGBANG T.O.P accompanied by a filming crew in New York.

According to the media outlet, T.O.P has been filming in various locations around Manhattan with a large filming crew from some time in mid-May. The filming was kept a secret and reportedly involved various elements such as video, music, and art.

One insider told the news outlet that T.O.P has been preparing for a large-scale comeback project and the photos shared are only a portion of that. This was followed by T.O.P sharing photos The Fact took of him to his personal Instagram account hinting at what will come.

T.O.P also proceeded to share some personal photos of the shooting that took place at one of the locations where The Fact had captured him working.

T.O.P departed YG Entertainment in April of this year. Fans are excited to see what he has in stores.

Are you excited about what T.O.P has in stores?

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