BIGBANG T.O.P Apologizes To Goo Hara One Last Time, Shares Messages Mourning Her Tragic Passing

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BIGBANG T.O.P took tot instagram to mourn the loss of Goo Hara.

On November 25, he posted screenshots of text messages exchange with Goo Hara, with the last message he received is from November 5.

Goo Hara had sent him a message wishing him a happy birthday, ‘oppa, this is late, but happy birthday,’ she added many cute cheerful emoticons. T.O.P never responded to those messages.

T.O.P captioned the screenshot,

“Your final message was a happy birthday message I didn’t respond to. I am so sorry, Hara. Rest in peace in a good place.”

Another screenshot was of her previous message in which she sent the link to her “Midnight Queen” music video, she wrote to him

“Did you watch it? Please watch it?”

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Over that screenshot he wrote,

“Hara at her prime was a tenderhearted kind person who had so many dreams and was full of passion for her music and work.”

T.O.P and Goo Hara are known for being friends. Fans couldn’t help but tear up reading those screenshots.

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May she rest in peace.

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