BIGBANG Seungri, Club “Burning Sun” Staff And Director Accused Of Sexual Assault And Group Attack

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On January 28, MBC’s “News Desk” revealed a shocking CCTV footage of a man being assault at “Burning Sun” which is a club owned by BIGBANG Seungri, apparently, the assault took place last year in November in Gangnam.

The man who was assaulted, Mr. Kim, came forward claiming to be the victim, he says he was attacked by the security guards at the club and was arrested and charged as if he was the assailant.

The shocking incident happened on November 24, however its only now that its coming to the surface.

Mr. Kim had previously posted to an online community Bobaedream about the incident, he wrote the reason why this entire situation aroused, according to him, he saw a woman being sexually harassed, she grabbed him by the shoulder so he tried to help out of it, he ended up getting beaten by the security guards and by people who appeared to be her friends.

In the online community post, Mr. Kim claims he was handcuffed and taken to the police station where he received further assault by the police. To support his claims, he uploaded a photo of his bleeding face and a photo of him receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

The CCTV footage revealed by MBC’s “News Desk” shows a gruesome scene, the security guards dragged Mr. Kim out of the club and Mr. Jang (the director of the club) proceeded to grab him by the hair and beat his face and drag him to the road. The security guards also helped out assaulting Mr. Kim. Check out MBC’s coverage below to see the CCTV footage:

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Mr. Kim talked about the details of the assault saying that he was taken aback by the entire ordeal and he wondered why everyone was just watching him without helping him out, he said he felt humiliated.

Mr. Kim says he called the police to report the incident after Mr. Jang and the security guards returned to the club.

According to Mr. Kim, the police didn’t even attempt to search for Mr. Jang or even take a look inside the club to check the CCTV footage.

After police arrived (10 minutes later) they spoke with a representative of the club and put handcuffs on Mr. Kim. as the CCTV footage shows.

MBC News obtained the documents for Mr. Kim’s arrest, in the document, Mr. Kim was written as the assailant and Mr. Jang was written as the victim.

MBC News Desk tried to reach out to the club and the police to hear their side of the story, the club states that Mr. Kim had been charged with sexual harassment while the police says he was arrested for obstruction of business.

The police released further comment stating they’re currently investigating both assaults and the allegations of Mr. Kim’s sexual harassment inside the club.

Unrelated to Mr. Kim’s case another case involving the club has also surfaced, there is another CCTV footage released to YouTube of a female being dragged to the VIP room of “Burning Sun,” the CCTV footage was recorded on December 1st, 2018.

The footage was first uploaded in late December but came to light again today, the footage shows a woman being dragged she looks like she’s struggling, the video claims the woman was drugged and is being dragged to the VIP room.

The woman in the footage is trying to grab onto something while the staff takes her away, you can see everyone around her is doing nothing, a staff member simply puts the computer back to its place after she gets dragged away from the CCTV screen.

Its being reported that the woman tried to report the sexual assault to the police, but nothing was done and its being claimed the club even deleted the record of CCTV.

The footage was recorded by a staff member before it was deleted. The club is currently being accused of bribing the police with large sums of money to keep silent and not investigate the club.

Another video uploaded to YouTube has a voice recording of the police admitting to violence happening at the club.

Check it out below:

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Check out the video of the woman being dragged away:


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Later, Mr. Kim posted to social media saying that police has summoned him due to Mr. Jang’s accusations of defamation, he said,

“Don’t make me come and go, you come to court. I am going to report you to the prosecution, so it’ll become clear who got defamed.”

So far, YG Entertainment and Seungri have not provided a statement!

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