BIGBANG Seungri Booked On Charges Of Allegedly Violating Anti-Prostitution Law

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BIGBANG Seungri has now been moved from being a person of interest to a suspect, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced in a statement to the press.

On March 10, The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency released a statement announcing Seungri is now a suspect in the case of soliciting prostitution in relation to the Kakao messages among other related things.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced they would be launching a full investigation into the matter and Seungri will be treated as a suspect in them.

A source from the police says,

“In order to obtain a search and seizure warrant [for club Arean], we have placed Seungri as a suspect in order to resolve the suspicion [revolving around him].”

The report released by SBS FunE report last month pointed at Club Arena as the center for the alleged conversations between Seungri and others.  The police also confirmed they have booked three to four other people who were in the KakaoTalk group chat; they’re also being investigated currently.

This morning around 11 AM KST, the police raided and searched Arena to investigate the allegations surrounding Seungri, they mobilized over 20 police officers to the club to gather as much evidence as possible, the operation lasted for about three hours. More details haven’t been revealed yet.

Recently, it has been also revealed that Seungri’s drug test results all came out negative; the latest analysis of the tests by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation confirmed it was all negative.

Recently YG Entertainment confirmed Seungri would be enlisting as an active duty soldier on the 25th of this month, however, due to the change of his status from a person of interest to a suspect, it is unknown if he’ll be able to enlist or not.

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