BIGBANG Gdragon Says He’s Working On New Music For His Group

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The words VIPs have longed to hear have finally been said!

BIGBANG Gdragon has graced the cover of DAZED KOREA for their 13th anniversary and in an interview with the magazine, he said he’s been working on music.

Gdragon has been discharged a while ago from the military. He explained that he’s been spending his time writing songs, he added that in particular, there are tracks for BIGBANG he’s been working on,

“Rather than notes, I am focusing a lot on music and working on BIGBANG stuff these days, so I look for music keywords related to that and write lyrics.”

Fans were over the moon after hearing he’s been working on BIGBANG’s music. The group hasn’t had a comeback for a while as each member enlisted one after the other.

The group was supposed to have their grand return in Coachella last year but it was canceled due to the pandemic. Not much has been said in relation to a possible BIGBANG comeback since then.

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