BIGBANG Gdragon Has Only Been Out For One Day But He Is Already Being Heavily Criticized By Netizens

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BIGBANG Gdragon has finally been discharged from the military but some k-netizens are already criticizing his actions.

BIGBANG Gdragon was discharged on October 26; he was greeted by thousands of fans who came to his military discharge location. He even stood before the press to express his gratitude towards fans.

Usually, idols and actors do the military salute upon their discharge and it something that soldiers must perform correctly so when k-netizens saw videos and photos of Gdragon salute, they were heavily critical of it, many called it a ‘crooked’ salute.

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If you compare it to the proper salute, you can obviously tell that it differs greatly. Netizens left many comments referring to his controversy while he was in the military, Dispatch released articles about alleged favoritism towards Gdragon during his military service because it was reported that he took too many vacation days.

While the ministry iterated that Gdragon didn’t receive any special treatment, many k-netizens already believe something else. Netizens left comments to the effect of ‘he was only playing around the in the army,’ ‘how would he know what’s proper?’ and many more. Many also compared his salute to other kpop idols such as Taecyeon who was praised for his attitude and dedication to serve in the military despite his severe injuries.

How soldiers should do the salute:

Examples of other idols and actors salute:

On the other hand, many fans defended Gdragon who looked obviously anxious when greeting fans; many mentioned how his body language and expressions were weird and how he must’ve been anxious about greeting fans in such a long time.

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Check out the video below of his discharge and let us know do you think he deserves to be criticized or not?

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  1. There are plenty of photos of GD saluting the proper way. It’s clear in the video that he just wanted to get out of there. Also, he wasn’t saluting other soldiers or military superiors.
    These netizens are insane people with no life who are just looking for another target to attack out of hate and want another victim.
    I’m pretty sure GD doesn’t give a damn about their criticisms, and he doesn’t need their approval. He’s emotionally and psychologically tough and has been famous since he was a teenager. He won’t be a victim of some nasty haters.

  2. Stop being a band of bullies! Haters always got find something to say.. what is the world going on with people either they fighting to be seen or fighting cause they can’t do it, an the bottom line is get your self in order cause we all going through so stop making my going through aka GD going through an the world of people that giving a true purpose with favor upon there life support an willing spirit of grace an mercy an last that’s a grown man give that man do respect an now to a authority of the world that’s military peeps God put them there for a reason it have to happen besides he was training for military he was training to be a entertainer hello he didn’t choose it the Korea Law did so oh well if he miss a salute we all fall short of the glory it’s the bully world that don’t research what they say or live get ur facts straight… I’m out!!!!

  3. For those who don’t a life and true keyboard warriors you need to get a life outside I the sunshine. Stop criticizing people. How you feel if people around the world just attacked you? Attacked every little detail of your life? Our Idols, drama stars, etc are FLESH & BLOOD human beings who have real emotions and feelings.

  4. I try to understand/take into consideration of different cultures, so I can’t speak for the Korean community. As an American, I think Wow! The things people concern themselves with! Actually, I think ALL people from wherever you’re from, should LIVE. Time is short. Does G dragon’s salute change the way you wake up? Or interfer with your daily life? Be the kind of fan that realizes the person you admire, IS A PERSON. Before you speak, ask yourself if you would like to hear your words.

  5. People need to calm down! Based from his expression clearly he was overwhelmed and perhaps didnt expect there were will be lots of fans. His expression said it all he wanted a quite discharge but he was still made an effort to greet em. Y’all need to get a live seriously. Dont hate on people just because they are overwhelm. You have no idea whats in his head. He is a human being too.

  6. Omg I wanted to cry for him. He looks so spooked, like he hasn’t slept in days. He was cold, that much is obvious. People are making a mountain out of a molehill. I worry for him, returning to civilian life that’s not like the one he left. People just have no life, no care.

  7. Why are they so worried about this man..he was ready to go…it looked as if he was emotionally over whelmed….i think g dragon also has a problem with anxiety…and that’s normal for someone with become emotionally over whelmed

  8. Stop bullying idols. Some people must have no life and list spend their time looking for reasons to criticize and abuse successful people. They should get a hobby or spend their time in some other productive way and stop using their energy to spread negativity.

  9. Me, someone who reads very well body language, you can notice that he was shaking,he was in a state of happiness and anxiety, so he could not move in a right way.
    So please, can you all go and have a life? Leave people live their life happily, stop judging anytime anywhere. It’s so boring.
    I hope you all wake up and stop being like this. Go get a job, a life.
    Stop being dumbasses

  10. bruh do knetz not learn anything? after recently losing sulli, they still overreact and talk badly about others. gdragon is the epitome of respect and being humble, screw off…

  11. Literally bunch of useless lowlife koreans who only can do koreans..0 knowledge on emglish speaking, no knowledge in arts and thoroughly being a trash of the society. If i were gd i wont bother saluting towards these monkeys because its a waste of time and I know they are all worthless and dont deserve my attention

  12. God I’m furious at these bullies, that have absolutely no life. These Anti’s need a life, like find a hobby, work hard and shut your mouths, I feel sorry for the guys, there seems to be no peace. I wonder if the people that put idols down with their vile months, spewing BS are so perfect themselves. Just straight out bullies

  13. This is so crazy YG asked all his fans not to come to the release point, but there they are anyway you could tell from the look on his face he was shocked they were there he was quite uncomfortable didn’t really want to talk to the Press didn’t really want to talk to the fans this should have been a quiet moment with him and his family but no you people have to turn it into a big giant ass circus no wonder you couldn’t salute properly good God you are the most rudest people on the planet.

  14. I don’t understand the fact why every stupid people is behind YG these days. They keep finding faults in whoever and whatever they see. Y’all assholes should get a life, can’t even compare y’all to his little toe/shit!!! But talks like y’all above GD lmao my foottttt

  15. Than we wonder why shit is so negative over there. Get a life and get a hobby y’all….he looked so nervous anxious and RET TA GO after so much time being gone. I know he was overwhelmed and the audacity to criticize him is insane to me! Smh…great job #gd. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained

  16. No, he barely comeback! People should stop hating on people for the smallest thing. He is a human who just came back from the military! I hate people

  17. Didn’t he once mentioned that he isn’t comfortable with a big crowd? He doesn’t seem comfortable at all probably bcuz he knew it will be a big issue considering his Entertainments reputation.


  18. He was obviously a little nervous. There is nothing wrong with how he saluted. These ppl who criticized him need to get a life. What they do is so harmful. I hope GD doesn’t care.

  19. Wahhh seriously…. I dunt know that many people really eager to see YG going down in front of their eyes as faster as possible….come guys… Get a life. How bout u all try to get more news that more hots. Not like this.

  20. Seriously? GD was nervous in front of the crowd and was probably so relieved to be discharged that he could barely salute us at all. Netizens should get a life, just because you don’t stan BB doesn’t mean you have to spread rumours or hate. Just be happy that he’s back instead of criticizing the poor guy!

  21. No one is perfect ,leave G DRAGON alone stop non sense critism. There are more serious problems in Korea that need to be solved.just be happy that exist a great artist like him who have great influence to the people.

  22. You know I am glad that he is out. But, why are you giving this man greif. As always the korean fans. They really need to get a life and stop starting so much crap. They need to just leave him alone. Just be happy he is home

  23. How many of those criticising will never be forced to serve? It’s easy to be a jerk when you’re not the one having to do it. He looked very uncomfortable and nervous. Time for knetizens to grow up and stop showing their adolescent immaturity and have some respect.

  24. Just leave him alone…let the man breathe I swear it’s like they are just trying to find anything to talk about….get a life let him live his don’t he put his all into his performance and music to satisfy fans….Right..The man is truly the king of kpop

  25. Can someone tell these medicines to get a f****** life already? First of all GD looked exhausted mentally and physically and obviously overwhelmed by the love from the vans and really you’re going to criticize him on his salute? What a bunch of f’ing losers!! Get a job, get a life..focus on something that really matters!!

  26. The first time I watched the video of Gd showing his gratitude I knew this was gonna happen Oh God when will these haters learn to mine their own business uff haters shld get a life and stop this trash

  27. Leave them alone, he must have been in shock to see all those fans waiting for his discharge. Always judging, that’s why we always lose our good idols

  28. The fact that he even acknowledged the media or allowed them to be there is a a test of this integrity!!! They trash him and all of YG artists all year and then they expect him to be kind. He was having photographs calling him from different directions and you can tell he was getting tires if it. He was very gracious to the fans they recieved treats etc. He knows where the loyalty is

  29. What’s with ‘do you think he needs to be criticized or not?’, I think that no one deserves to be criticized in any kind of way. A lot of artist are being condemned for small mistakes they’ve done and it’s becoming a threat to their mental health. If people can just stop posting hate comments – if you don’ t like someone/something stop following/watching them and go to your fave artist and post something good. I think this will be a better and a healthy world for us.

  30. obviously GD was realy tired ok..thts y he acted n salute that positive pls netizen!! we VIP will never stop support GD and BB. no wonder lifes there gettin very pressured..the netizen n the people there were realy judgemental

    1. Ughhhh frkin K-netz. This is why depression among idols, celebrities and TV personalities are so epidemic. Just because they can hide behind their screens, they could just easily say anything hurtful and depressing. I wish they would file a lawsuit against them, see if they will say those things in their face.

  31. Yeahhh, and some people are really like that☹ If you will do good, they will judge you, if you will do bad, they will judge you. And thats the reality☹. We cannot change them☹

  32. Welcome back gd from all of us in America, thank you for your service in Korea and I hope you get rest a lot of it. You did a brave thing, not many can do….nets of Korea should salute you for serving your term and country so they can enjoy their life. Thank you!!! Again

  33. I dont think they realize that it maybe was really early. Im not sure. But also being in the military im sure is not easy. Maybe he felt overwhelmed somehow.
    I think people forget being a public figure is not easy. I mean ive sang before, in highschool, a church, and I work in customer service. I talk to people everyday. I have to put on a face. Imagine having stage fright, right? You cant speak and hardly anything comes out? Well, this man has a job as a public figure, celebrity. So just imagine if you have been away from that kind of environment to do public speaking, and to entertain? You go to an environment of control, where you are expected to be obiedient soilders? To obey, you know? You are not in control at that point. The government kind of owns you.So not only is he a soilder for that time period , but hes under scruitiny for everything under the sun for being a celebrity of the world and also in conservative Korea.

    So, you know in my opinion, the military is not everyones job choice. Not everyone is suited or wants to be in the military. In my country, you dont have to. Over in Korea you do, and that is whats normal.

    To me, if i was him, i would be nervous as hell, seeing a bunch of people show up for me. Like, my whole life being a specticle for other people to praise or judge me.

    For those criticizing him for his “not so straight salute”, give the man a break! If all eyes were on me, and i was a person that has not been in the lime light for a while,or was a shy person, i would problably not be saluting 100% either!

    Also, you know peoples hands are differently shaped right? Fingers. Dont forget the fact that he didnt have a mirror to check his hands properly. I mean the man saw a 1,000 people or so. How can he not feel overwhelmed??

    I thought all things considered he was very polite to his fans, and he was doing the best he could given the situation. He was trying to be respectful to his country
    and his fans.

    Ive been a fan of his for a few years now and think hes really awesome. Hes a genuine artist, and sensitive person. But dont forget people of the internet that are making these comments, that he is human. Try filling his shoes, and you will find that it’s not so easy.

    John Lennon once said this about his being famous. He was part of one of the most famous groups ever. And fans were crying and fainting at their shows. This is generally what he said:
    : That he would rather have been a bloody fisherman.
    So, just think about that for one. Imagine having that pressure to your country, fans, and your company?

    Give the kid some slack, people of the internet, and let him be the artist he came to this lifetime to be.

  34. K-netizens are cyber bullies. Get over yourself and stop hiding behind a keyboard to say things you would NEVER say to a person’s face. You don’t deserve these hard working idols !

  35. what the hell is up with these knetz? honestly, they are the main reason why the idols commits suicide. they always say bad things to the little things that a person do. like what the heck? what if we do the same thing to them. let’s see what would they feel. i’m so pissed rn.

  36. Therr are 2 things i want to say here :
    1. You funckin’ haters gonna hate and try to find other people’s mistake. Im sure you are not one of his fans since you hate him right?

    2. You(people who criticized him) should ashamed with yourself because you are one of the reason kpop idol having depression that can lead to suicide. Stop being keyboard warrior,coward!

  37. He looked so tired and besides he has a lot on his mind about what the group will decide to do. People want to criticize others because they are not happy about themselves.. Let the man get his head cleared..and start his life again as a civilan..

    1. Guess what while knets dogging their most talented well known artists and kpop stars. The entire world’s hates knets! Nobody cares what they think. Everyone, everywhere just wishes you would shut the hell up and disappear. Believe when I tell you knets. You would not be missed.

  38. I really don’t think Koreans deserve their idols. I mean they’re such cowards it’s appalling. That’s why many of their idols commit suicide and then you see the so called fans shedding crocodile tears. K neitizens get a life! And stop trying to make yourselves feel better by badmouthing someone else.

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