BIGBANG Gdragon And BLACKPINK Hung Out In The Studio And Fans Are Literally Losing Their Sh*t

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The king of Kpop has been spotted in BLACKPINK Jennie first ever live instagram video and fans can’t stop talking about it.

Jennie’s name is currently trending worldwide on twitter; she uploaded over 50 selfies today and also interacted with her fans through her first EVER live instagram. The Live was short and only last a couple of minutes but it was enough to become the talk of town.

Jennie unboxed JENTLE MONSTER, she was joined by the rest of BLACKPINK members, Teddy and BIGBANG Gdragon. The video was shot in the studio which got fan wondering and hoping for a possible collab between them.

Gdragon also tried on the glasses from JENTLE MONSTER; the girls were cheering him on in the background. When the cameras zoomed in on him, he got shy and faked running away but eventually wore the glasses and greeted fans who were watching the live stream.

One fan recorded the live broadcast, check it out down below, plus some of fans reactions to the live stream:

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