Kdrama “Big Mouth” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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MBC’s hit drama “Big Mouth” has wrapped up its run today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

“Big Mouth” Episode 16 Recap

how does Park Chang-Ho react to Go Mi-Ho’s cancer diagnosis?

He doesn’t react well. He’s in tears when Go Mi Ho reveals everything live on TV after going to the fishing company and finding out the water is wastewater from the radiation made by that chairman company.

He says he wants to be by her side until the very end and does so. They continue to campaign for the mayor while she receives treatment.

Does Go Mi-Ho Die?

Yes, she dies. At the end of the final episode of the drama, Go Mi Ho collapses after the court declares Choi Do Ha not guilty in the wastewater scandal due to a lack of evidence.

She passes away when she’s transferred to the hospital. Chang Ho is by her side during her last moments when she says she wants to rest. She closes her eyes and dies.

Is Choi Do-Ha Arrested For His Crimes?

No. Go Mi Ho went to the fishing company and even got testimony from the person who works there, she brought it to the TV station and exposed him but he denied everything.

Eventually, Choi Do Ha wins the elections by a small margin and when a trial is held, they find him not guilty based on lack of evidence because Choi do Ha ruined it.

Does Park Chang-Ho get revenge for being framed? Does he become the mayor?

He does get revenge but he does not become mayor, he loses to Choi Do Ha.

He gets revenge after Go Mi Ho’s death. [see below]

Who is Chairman Kang Sung-Geun’s son?

We do not end up finding out who the son is as they couldn’t contact him.

What Happens To The Big Mouse Organization? Who is Big Mouse?

Its still thriving, after Go Mi Ho’s death, Chang Ho IS big mouse and becomes a ‘good’ big mouse who helps out others.

What Does Hyun Joo-Hee Do After Finding Out The Truth?

Turns out, Hyun Joo-Hee already knew her husband killed the chairman.

When she gives his burner phone as testimony in the trial to Chang Ho’s side, she’s kidnapped. Choi Do Ha has her arrested and escorted to a mental facility where she is drugged.

Does Choi Do Ha die?

Yes, he dies. After the death of Go Mi Ho. Chang Ho remains big mouse. He comes to the pool where he swims regularly and has a conversation with him, he asks him if he regrets those deaths, he calls these people ‘losers,’ then he coughs blood.

He’s told the water was the wastewater from the chemical plant, he collapses and passes away immediately. Chang Ho kills Choi Do Ha using the same water that killed Go Mi Ho.

Do the crimes of Choi Do Ha get revealed after his death?

Yes, they do. They help Hyun Joo-Hee out of the facility and she testifies against her dead husband. Chang Ho also represents the victims of the wastewater in a billion-dollar lawsuit against the company.

They obtained Professor Seo’s papers after Choi Do Ha’s death and found his stash of cash and gold. there, they find all the evidence they need to bring him down after his death.

What Happens To Kong Ji-Hoon?

After the trial that proves their crimes, Kong Ji Hoon basically walks away free and gets appointed as the CEO of the company he’s wanted to be a part of.

Did Han Jae-Ho get arrested for killing his wife Jang Hye-Jin?

No, but he gets sentenced along with the rest of the two men for the murder of professor Seo, they get sentenced to 10 years.

“Big Mouth” Episode 16 Review

WOW!!! That was an ending…. A terrible one…. How could you end it like this? This is so underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time, it may feel like a contradiction but basically, the entire last episode is that, hot and cold in different areas.

I didn’t expect them to kill off Mi Ho but it sort of makes sense because she was exposed to radiation. I mean, as a chemical engineer, the way the main characters died was honestly funny because death from radiation can be slow and painful, or VERY quick [depending on the dose] and it is very different from how its portrayed… but its a kdrama, what can I expect?

The fact that Mi Ho died looking this good and after getting to see the trial and all of that…. Its honestly funny because if she was exposed to radiation, her bones would begin to disintegrate, her teeth would fall off, her hair would fall off and she would look like a corpse before her death but we can’t have that in kdrama land.

Also, I didn’t sense that Chang Ho was THAT sad about her death, I didn’t feel it conveyed in his face especially considering how he was when he was arrested at first. Maybe its trauma….

The screenwriter had the entire last episode to dedicate it to the demise of mayor Choi but instead, we’re given a voiceover montage for the last 3 minutes of the run time to explain how everything was brought down after they killed off the bad guy in the most uneventful and calm way possible. It would have been way better if they just exposed him to doses slowly and watched his life crash down, did you have to kill him like that?

The dude died without facing consequences for his actions, he died a very quick and painless death, and for what?

I get the message the screenwriter might be going for… but this ain’t it. The last episode should have been dedicated to bringing him down completely, yet, the screenwriter wants to make a point about how justice is poorly served and you’re better being the head of a criminal organization that does ‘good’ while punishing evil… what type of message is that? Whats the lesson here?

Just because Chang Ho is now part of the organization it doesn’t erase the sh-t they did and the fact that he’s still with them says a lot about his character when he knows it was part of the reason why Mi Ho died.

So what do you guys think of “Big Mouth” ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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