Big Hit Reveals ENHYPEN Debut Date, It’s Sooner Than You Expect

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Mnet’s “I-LAND” final group ENHYPEN is debuting soon!

After announcing the final 7 members set to debut in the group, fans have been curious about the debut date of ENHYPEN, and its finally been revealed.

UPDATE: ENHYPEN debut date is set for November

BELIF+ (a joint venture between Big Hit and CJ ENM) announced that the debut date for the group is set for 2020, precisely at the end of 2020. The news was released on September 19 along with new promotional material for the group that has yet to debut.

All eyes are on ENHYPEN and how well it’ll do. Fans are super excited for the new group and have high hopes. ENHYPEN also revealed new profile pictures ahead of their debut and also shared the links to their official social media accounts. They also unveiled the first logo teaser, more details on that here.

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Are you excited about their debut?

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  1. I am exited about ENHYPEN! BUT, like so many of us, we want them to add K back

    Over one million votes for K. (Making him number 7)
    Please join the petition for BigHit (and BeLift+) to Bring back K and make it 8!

    Global votes at end voted K as 7th place, so technically, voters wanted K in the group. I noticed in your photo of them that there is room on the right for someone else! Make it K! We love the 7 but I bet they’d welcome K to join the group!

  2. No problem who r in the group I’m so happy, I’m happy for all of u , u all r deserving n about k he can try again it was not his fault neither the mentors it’s just those who worked really hard made that place I’m not saying jk didn’t work hard but he couldn’t make it but others could so that’s no one’s fault ☺️ (work hard k all really love u so try again n again don’t give up)

    For the selected members I would like to say I’m very×90000000 much happy for u all hope u all get success
    I have also someone like others whom I like most n that is SUNGHOON , really u r really good I really appreciate ur talent but work more hard with ur dancing skills n yah u r no matter one n only
    Okay best wishes for you all

  3. Guys..K and the others are now trainees at Belift+ and WILL debut in a group probably next year or in 2022! Let’s pray that it’s next year! As much as I want K in the group too let’s be real whatever happens is probably for the best and the boys are still friends and probably meet eachother all the time as they are under the same company.

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