Big Hit Releases Statement On The Possibility Of TXT’s Beomgyu’s Participation In U.S. Tour Due To Health Issues

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Big Hit Music has released a statement about TXT’s Beomgyu’s health and his ability to participate in future stops of their U.S. tours.

According to the agency, Beomgyu’s participation in upcoming shows during the group’s U.S. tour will be decided based on the condition of his health.

You can read their statement in English below!


This is Big Hit Music.

We would like to provide you with information on the status of TXT member Beomgyu’s health and his future scheduled activities.

Beomgyu started feeling unwell on July 11 (local time) while on tour in the United States. He sought consultation from a local doctor who gave medical advice that going on with the concerts as planned would be possible. In accordance with the doctor’s opinion, Beomgyu took part in the Atlanta show today. However, he stepped away during some parts of the show as he was not fully recovered.

Beomgyu is currently getting some rest after the Atlanta show, and he will focus on recovering his condition and health.

While the artist himself strongly wishes to participate in all future activities related to the tour, we are prioritizing his health above all. We will handle his participation in the rest of the U.S. tour with necessary flexibility and caution.

We will continue to support Beomgyu in his rapid recovery so that he can meet with fans soon.

Thank you.

Big Hit Music

TXT is currently in the middle of their U.S. tour and will carry on with stops in Dallas on July 14, Houston on July 17, San Francisco on July 21, and Los Angeles on July 23.

Wishing Beomgyu a speedy and full recovery!

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