Big Hit Releases Response After Dispatch Questions The Validity Of Its Statement About Suga And The Jim Jones Controversy

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Dispatch has published a scathing report deep-diving into Suga and the Jim Jones controversy!

On May 31, Big Hit Entertainment issued a statement apologizing for the use of Jim Jones controversial speech sample in Agust D “What Do You Think?” from Suga’s second mixtape.

Big Hit Entertainment stated that the producer used the sample without knowing the context of it, they have also deleted the controversial part and re-released the track.

However, Dispatch wasn’t satisfied with that statement and questioned the validity of it. They published a long report on June 3rd asking questions about whether it was true the producer had no knowledge of the sample and whether it was true that Suga didn’t know either.

The Dispatch report has 11 points, in their report, they attempt to get the sample the same method other artists use during the process of making music. In their conclusion, they allege that Big Hit statement doesn’t hold up and alleges that Suga must’ve known the origin of the speech to a certain extent. In the final [art of their report, they said,

“Mistakes do not have to be repeated. However, we hope he [Suga] won’t hide behind someone, such as his agency, as he usually speaks out on his own confidently.”

Prior to detailing the report, Dispatch explains that they had contacted Big hit for a second statement and they shared their response, Big Hit declined to comment on the majority of the points they raised in their report but reiterated,

“As stated in the official statement, the vocal samples for speech were selected by other producer without any special intention.”

This particular Big Hit response was shared at the beginning of the article and Dispatch goes through all the possible reasons to question their response.

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