Big Hit No Longer An Agency For Boy Groups Only, A Global Girl Group Audition Is Coming Soon

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Big hit Entertainment will soon be housing female trainees!

On August 21, Big Hit Entertainment held a corporate briefing. Co-CEOs Bang Shi Hyuk and Yoon Seok Jun along with beNX’s CEO Seo Woo Seok attended.

Bang Shi Hyuk revealed a lot of things during the briefing and one of the highlights has got to be news of updates on its upcoming girl group.

Not too long ago, Big Hit Entertainment recruited CBO Min Hee Jin who used to work for SM Entertainment and had a key role in establishing many of its successful girl groups. Back then it was stated that she’ll be working on Big Hit upcoming girl group.

Bang Shi Hyuk revealed that there are lots of changes going on with their internal organization, their number of employees almost quadrupled, he states,

“We’re working on changing to a multi-label system. We’re also preparing for improving specialization for the business aspects, an example of that would be our recruitment of CBO Min Hee Jin.”

He also revealed that Big Hit and Source Music are jointly launching a global audition for the upcoming girl group. Big Hit recently acquired Source Music which houses Gfriend.

This is a new exciting development, fans of the agency and BTS will soon be able to audition for Big Hit’s upcoming girl group. The girl group will be based on the philosophy of Bang Shi Hyuk and know-how of Min Hee Jin.

You can expect news about how to audition for their upcoming girl group very soon!

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    1. I’m like a year older and I’m definitely Going to try out like Ummm Big Hit is the Entertainment Company to be in and if you are confident you have talent go for it

  1. Its will be a very great opportunity for us to audition in this.. Hope thos will release soon and I think diverse countries will participate in it .

    1. I want to audition but I’m not Korean and I’m 16 and I live all they way across the world . But I think I would have something great to contribute one day

    1. Ma’am could you please calm down, yes BTS paved the way for them but they won’t get it any easier. Educate yourself on TXT and what they go through before hating them with no apparent reason.

  2. i- my heart dropped when i saw this- i really wanna audition but like i’m only 13. and. i- my mom wouldn’t let me. but ever since i was little, i’ve always wanted to be a singer. guess that’ll never happen:/

  3. I also want to give audition but I am only good in singing and not dancing will they allow me i am nervous and I don’t even thing so that my parents allow me well my real passion is designing and singing so let’s see

  4. This is a global audition right? So will they come here in Philippines? I really want to audition… Ever since I was a little, I’ve been dreaming of becoming an artist and a performer. I can do both dancing and singing, and I’m also a fan of k-pop… So please, come here in the Philippines…

  5. I would love to audition… This would be like a dream come true, I know how to sing, dance and write songs. I believe that I’ll be a great performer one day, I also really wanna try this

  6. I’d really like to audition, but I’ll miss my family and I can’t dance. I can rap but my voice is weak and I have asian ancestry but I don’t look asian. And I’m not skinny. But that’s okay.

  7. i really like to audition but I’m at the age of 15 and I’m at the other side of the world,South Africa. i have a different skin colour,speak a different language but i do speak English fluent. and my mom won’t probably allow me to audition but i won’t give up cause music i my passion and i wanna be a soloist. but i won’t mind being in a group.

  8. I’m so excited. I’ve been preparing for this for so long omg. I’m 13, I’m half Korean half Japanese and I can sing and rap and dance and it would just be a dream come true

  9. I have always wanted to audition to an entertainment company and bighit would be my number one choice but I am 13 years old I live all the way in london and my parents would never approve of me having a career in music, dance e.t.c no mater how much I try to persuade them, mainly because of religion and my grandma.

  10. I can sing and dance. And I want to be a kpop idol when I grow up, but the problem is:

    Im 14
    I live across the world
    And my parents hate kpop and most likely wont let me audition.

  11. we need an audition in Mumbai or Kolkata , India
    maybe we look different from the other her Asians buut don’t we deserve a chance too?? plz hold an audition here too

  12. I think big hit should also open online audition for girls so that foreign talents can also show up.
    Im really talented I want to audition but im not able to come to korea.

  13. Girls, let’s all grab this opportunity no matter where we live, no matter how we look, no matter how old we are! This opportunity comes only once in a blue moon and if they’re gonna say that the auditions will take place far from our countries, let us all demand an online audition! Come on, who’s with me?! Let’s support each other! And btw, it’s better to take risk than regret for the rest of your life because you didn’t try. Well, if we don’t make it, at least we tried right?

  14. Plzzz take audition in India too it’s a humble request…so many talents will gonna wasted if u overlook so please take audition in India too plzzzz

  15. Plzzz take audition in India too it’s a humble request…so many talents will gonna wasted if u overlook so please take audition in India too plzzzz❤

  16. They don’t care about your weight.The only reason I know this is because when my brother sign up on the online audition they didn’t ask for his weight.also you can be american to join a kpop company.TXT Huening Kai is Korean-American.

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