Big Hit Entertainment Releases First EVER Hint At Their Upcoming Boy Group?

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Big Hit Entertainment has dropped a new hint and everybody is freaking out!

On January 10 at midnight KST, Big Hit Entertainment shared a photo to its social media accounts, the photo got people buzzing about what it could possibly be.

The caption was,

“What do you do? What do you see?”

The caption led to a website with coming soon message attached to it, the circles lock to reveal the text “You and I, different but together.”

The agency is signaling there will be a big reveal on January 11 at midnight KST. ARMY has already gathered all the Intel they could possibly get their hands on and they believe its about the upcoming boy group that Big Hit Entertainment had announced they’d be debuting in 2019.

The teaser photo hasn’t been posted to any of BTS’s official accounts which further fuels the speculations that its about their upcoming boy group.

Here are all the hints I know about so far:

The source page

If you take a look at the source page of the coming soon page you will find a line in the codes that reads,

“<meta name=”keywords” content=”빅히트, 빅히트엔터테인먼트, 신인, 신인그룹, Big Hit Entertainment, Bighit, K-POP, KPOP, New Boy Group” />”

In their keyword, you can clearly read the word ‘New Boy Group.’

Social media accounts

ARMY are almost certain that the upcoming boy group name will be TXT and they have receipts to prove it.

They found various accounts of something called TXT that had bighit name in it. The social media accounts have been up for a while.

While nothing is certain yet, many have already been able to get their hands on the social media accounts of the upcoming boy group.

The website

If you type into Google then you will be welcomed by a grey background with the message “PREPARING THE PAGE.”

BTS’s official website has the same format as the TXT website; BTS’s official website is called [].

ARMY are all over twitter trying to figure out the photo teaser, bighit is trending at number two in worldwide trends, ARMY also trended the words ‘boygroup,’ ‘TXT’ and ‘Jungkook Hyung.’

When January 11 comes it will officially become Jungkook’s last day as Big Hit Entertainment maknae and ARMY are having a field day with this piece of information.

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