BIBI To Release First Full-Length Album Since Debut

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Singer BIBI will release her first full-length album three years after her debut.

According to the singer’s agency Feelgood Music on September 21, BIBI will release her first full-length album in the second half of this year. Prior to this, the preview single “Animal Farm,” a trailer for the full-length album, will be released at 1 p.m. on September 27.

“Animal Farm” is a new song released after a year by BIBI, who has focused on various activities between the United States and Korea. The release date is even more meaningful because it’s BIBI’s birthday.

BIBI also took part in producing and writing the lyrics for this single. On top of that, “Grammy” winner Mike Bozzi, who has been in charge of composing and working with world-class top musicians, participated to raise the standard of the song.

BIBI aims not only for domestic music fans but also for the global market with her preview single and full-length album. Expectations are rising for the single as BIBI has always sent a shocking message with her songs.

Are you excited about her new album?

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