Singer BIBI Causes Concern After Breaking Down On Live And Crying About Being Tired And Exhausted + Assures Fans She’s Ok In Another Live Broadcast

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Singer BIBI has recently caused huge concern to fans after her live broadcast.

On July 21, Singer BIBI broke down during an Instagram live broadcast. She said while crying,

I want to eat good food and I want to take a nap. I want to rest! But I can’t do those things without hard work. I don’t have a choice. I have a lot of families. I have to work hard.”

She added, “I’m just acting like I’m doing well, but I’m f*cking done, I’m f*cking done.” She also mentioned killing herself before repeating how exhausted she was.

After seeing her live, many fans and nonfans showed concern and began trending hashtags and sending emails to her label demanding better treatment and rest for the singer. Her name even became a trending topic on Twitter.

On July 22 morning, BIBI greeted fans with a new live and explained the situation more. She explained she was overwhelmed by stress and fatigue, and realized that she had been “overdramatic.” She says she’s a perfectionist and has been working so hard on her new album for nearly a year which put her under stress.

She said,

I slept well and ate well. I didn’t know that I was this powerful… that everyone was watching me. I am [the] creator and producer of my album so. …I just woke up. I’m sorry… What I want to say is, I worked my a** off because I wanted to make my album.

It’s me. I worked so hard for this album, it’s why I worked hard myself. Stop blaming everybody; I love them.”

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