Baek A Yeon Confirms Dating A Non-Celebrity + Addresses Marriage Rumors

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Singer Baek A Yeon is currently dating her non-celebrity partner.

On February 28, Baek A Yeon said, “We are dating on the premise of marriage.”

Earlier in the day, JTBC Entertainment News reported that Baek A Yeon will marry her non-celebrity partner on August 12. However, Baek A Yeon declined to say anything about the marriage, saying, “When I am ready, I will convey the news myself.”

Baek A Yeon appeared on SBS’s “K-Pop Star” in 2012 and entered the top three. Since then, she has signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment and has been loved for songs such as “A Lot Like Love” and “so-so.”

Since the end of the contract with JYP, she joined a new agency Eden Entertainment and continued her singing career.

Wishing the best for Beak A Yeon!

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