B1A4 CNU Is Enlisting In The Military This Month

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Dear BANAs, I have some sad news to share!

CNU will be enlisting in the military this January.

On January 4, one news outlet reported that he will be enlisting on January 22nd, shortly after the report made rounds on the internet; his agency came back with a statement confirming the news.

He will be enlisting as an active duty soldier on January 22nd according to his agency. B1A4 CNU is 27 years old.

With the upcoming enlistment of CNU, the future of B1A4 is being brought up again. The group was supposed to promote as three members after Jinyoung and Baro’s departure from the agency.

In a recent interview, Jinyoung discussed his group and assured fans he won’t be leaving B1A4. He assured fans the group hasn’t disbanded and there was still room for the group to promote as a whole again.

Jinyoung and CNU are both born in 1991, the situation surrounding the remaining group mates enlistment is being brought up by their fans.

Wishing CNU the best!

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