Australian YouTuber And K-Content Creator Hojusara Passes Away From Leukemia

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Australian YouTuber And K-Content Creator Hojusara has passed away.

Back in May of this year, HojuSara, whose real name is Sara Holmes, surprised her fans by revealing that she was diagnosed with leukemia. She talked about what led to her discovering she had cancer and why she hasn’t been uploading for some time. Back then, Sara and her fiance Hyun said they would be be still uploading to YouTube, but due to chemotherapy being a very strong treatment, she might not be able to upload as per usual.

On September 5, Hyun uploaded a video to her channel to let fans know that she has passed away. Sara left an audio clip message to her fans about 10 days ago, she had wanted to film a video for them but back then, the doctor had told her that she might not be able to open her eyes if she closed them, so every day felt like a miracle for them.

The voice message reads as follows:

I love you. If you’re listening to this, I love you all. If you’re listening to this, I’m watching you all from the sky. You are all very precious to me, my friends. When things look beautiful, I was the one who did that for you. You have to remember this, okay? I’ll draw you beautiful things in the sky. So everyone, let’s all have some delicious brunch together. Ride our bikes. Let’s not be sad. Let’s wear bright colored clothes. Drink loads of delicious drinks. Drink bubble tea as well. Everyone, be kind to one another. And everyone, take care of one another.

I wanted to make it to the end. I will be taking care of all of you. Every time you see something beautiful, that will be me. This is not the end. I’m still fighting. I am fighting. I wanted to spend more precious times with all of you. I wanted to send you all a message, but this came faster than I expected….

But if I can no longer see you guys, please show them this voice recording. And every time, we’ll have a picnic together. Let’s eat loads of yummy things together. Don’t cry, but if you want to cry, it’s okay. But please smile a lot. Please take good care of each other. It’s so difficult to know what to say.

I love you all very much, my precious friends. I’m so proud of you all. Because you have been my friends, I have been so lucky. I have made so many good friends. I guess I have used up all of my luck. I have no regrets. I wanted to spend more time with you, but I will be watching over you. So, from time to time, while you’re eating something delicious, raise a glass to the sky, and please think of me. I will be toasting you from the sky. With bubble tea. I love you all very much. Because ‘goodbye’ is too sad, I will ‘byeong.’ Byeong!”

HojuSara began her career on YouTube back in 2014 and has been sharing content from Korea ever since. She’s also collabed with many famous YouTubers and even interviewed girl groups and the cast of Netflix’s “Busted.”

May her soul rest in peace.

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