ASTRO Rocky’s Agency Denies Rumors Of Him Suspending His Activities Following Dating Confirmation

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The agency of ASTRO’s Rocky has cleared the rumors circulating online about Rocky’s suspension of activities.

On November 24, ASTRO‘s agency Fantagio said that rumors related to ASTRO’s Rocky’s suspension of activities are groundless. They revealed that rumors were started by a brand and they were waiting for an apology and correction notice from the brand but they decided to address the situation themselves since they couldn’t wait any longer for a response from the brand.

Rumors of Rocky’s suspension have recently emerged through an online community. Rocky became a hot topic after acknowledging rumors of dating actress Park Bo Yeon.

Check out the full statement of Fantagio below!

“Hello, we’re Fantagio. First of all, we would like to inform AROHA who have been hurt by the reports related to our artist Rocky, which are being circulated online, that all the stories of apology and the reports related to ‘Rocky’s suspension of activities are not true.
Our company expressed regret over the brand for spreading false information about the suspension of Rocky activities, which has never been mentioned and we were waiting for a correction notice and apology to resolve the issue smoothly.
However, we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer, so we made an official statement. Please understand that the official position has been delayed in this regard. Fantagio will do its best to protect its artists.
Please show a lot of love and interest to our artists. Thank you.”

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