ARMY Literally Crash V Live App Waiting For BTS’s Live Following Their Grammy Night

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BTS has a long tradition of celebrating with their fans following attendance of award shows. They had previously done it with 2017 American Music Awards and the 2018 Billboard Music Awards among many others.

This is why the fandom was sure BTS wouldn’t be joining the after party of the 2019 Grammy Awards, fans were already waiting for the V Live to begin when a shocking thing happened.

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BTS greeted fans in broadcast after they left the ceremony; they were all smiling and chatting with fans. However, the camera resolution was bad, turns out it was because the servers of V Live were close to crashing down.

Which happened eventually.

The video was cut short, the boys sat down in a hotel room to chat with fans, three minutes into the broadcast Jungkook noticed that the connection wasn’t stable, he thought it was because of the unstable internet connection.

A minute later, a black screen replaced the boys and the connection was cut short.

ARMY was shocked because this rarely happens with V Live, the servers of the service are usually very good and stable. The fandom feared that they wouldn’t be able to properly see the boys since the connection cut off so suddenly.

However, BTS came back again with another video which was way better in resolution. RM said,

“Too many fans came to watch it [the broadcast], and the server was overloaded.”

The boys talked for almost 14 minutes about the award show, describing their favorite moments and the performances they enjoyed the most.

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You can check out the first V Live here and the second one here.

We’re happy that the fandom got the chance to properly listen to BTS and chat with them after crashing the servers due to their excitement!

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