ARMY Aren’t Satisfied With “Inkigayo” Response To Not Nominating BTS On Their Recent Episode

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ARMYs have been criticizing SBS and “Inkigayo” for excluding BTS from the nomination list for April 21 broadcast.

Korean fans uploaded complaints on the program’s viewers message board asking for an explanation for excluding BTS, some asked for an explanation of how the numbers are counted on their chart too.

The reason it became an issue was that BTS was well within the criteria to fit in the nomination list on April 21st broadcast. According to BTS fans, the period to determine the rankings start from the week starting in Monday two weeks prior to the broadcast until Monday one week prior to the broadcast.

This means that for the episode that aired on April 21, the rankings should be determined using data from April 8 to 15. “Map of the Soul: Persona” was released on April 12 which means that “Boy With Luv” should have at least received a nomination.

SBS responded to the criticism but their response didn’t satisfy the fandom because according to many, it didn’t make sense.

SBS said:

“Last week’s ranking turned out that way because there was a difference between the data-gathering period and the period of BTS’s promotions. There are a lot of detailed criteria for the rankings so I believe it came out this way.”

Another source said that other music shows don’t reveal their detailed criteria and it is the same case with Inkigayo.

The response didn’t make much sense to ARMYs all over the world, and criticism of SBS and “Inkigayo” continued, many calling them biased.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I am not an ARMY but if I were to speak logically what SBS said doesn’t make an ounce of sense. Since when did music enter charts and music show rankings based on promotional period? I have been a Kpop fan for 7 years and have never heard of such thing before.

A lot of people are saying ARMY are greedy or overreacting but to me personally, I understand why a lot of the fandom is reacting that way. It’s not about winning the trophy as much as it’s about being nominated which was well within their right.

It’s about what’s right rather than needless complaining. When a group appears on your show and dedicates so much of their time and help lift your ratings the least you could do is treat them like everybody else, it’s not like people are asking SBS to give BTS special treatment.

Also, a lot of idols and indie singers don’t even promote on music shows at all yet they still get nominated and win sometimes, Taeyeon [I believe] didn’t even promote her newest hit track either. Also, “IDOL” and “Fake Love” were also released on Fridays (according to ARMY) but they were nominated the very next week by SBS…

I am not gonna lie, I am a strict person and I don’t like it when people overstep their boundaries to get results they want. I think it’s rather embarrassing for SBS, and with all honesty is it really worth getting called out and dragged like that by netizens and international fans?

This is kinda funny and they must be embarrassed, it shows you just how much they had wanted to give it to another group and out of all groups they decided to do it with BTS, I was like ‘bruh… you know their fandom.. why?’

I hope that BTS doesn’t come on the show again; they don’t deserve the disrespect to be honest. It’ll teach SBS how to treat artists properly again, I seriously hope they don’t promote on this show next week.

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