Are The Youngest Kpop Idols Parents About To Welcome Twins? Lee HongKi Gives A Hint

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The youngest Kpop idols parents FTISLAND Minhwan and Yulhee have recently announced they’re pregnant and will soon welcome a second child to this world. Fans congratulated the couple who will be adding a new child to their loving growing family.

However, fans are questioning if it’ll be more than one new member welcomed to the family. Lee Hong Ki has gotten fans guessing with the way he worded his comment on Instagram.

Minhwan personally broke the news to fans, he wrote an Instagram post with the caption, “Jjang [their first child nickname] has a younger sibling.’ On the same post where Minhwan announced the happy news Lee Hong Ki left a comment, he wrote,

“Isn’t it younger siblings?”

This piqued people’s curiosity and reminded them of something that Yulhee has said not too long ago that some will probably recall if they had been keeping up with them on variety shows.

Recently, Yulhee mentioned that she’d love to have three kids. Could it be that she was hinting at the pregnancy at the time? Or was it just wishful thinking?

There is no definite answer, FNC Entertainment hasn’t commented on the subject.

What do you think Hongki meant by this?

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