“APOLOGIZE TO LISA” Tops Worldwide Trends On Twitter After Spotify Corrects Its Mistake For Top K-Pop Artists Of 2022 Playlist

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“APOLOGIZE TO LISA” is currently among the top trending phrases on Twitter as fans voice their frustration with the streaming service Spotify for its recent blunder.

Previously, Spotify officially unveiled its yearly wrapped lists. There were dedicated categories for Kpop artists too. Among them was one about the top 10. However, many fans pointed out that the list is possibly wrong, and it turned out to have been the case. Thus, BTS’s Jungkook was added to No. 9 and (G)I-DLE was pushed back to NO. 10.

Spotify said this about their mistake, “Every year, we endeavor to accurately reflect consumption around the world. In reference to our Top K-Pop Artists of 2022 playlist, multiple genre tags led to slightly different top ten lists, and they were not properly merged. This mistake has been corrected. We join the fans in celebrating the many achievements of BTS and regret this error.”

Following their statement, many netizens directed hate comments at Lisa, so much so that fans began trending the phrase “APOLOGIZE TO LISA.” This was directed at Spotify first for their mistake, as some believe it was not a genuine mistake and believe what they’d done caused an unnecessary amount of hate to be targeted towards Lisa. Some also didn’t appreciate how the statement ended with, “celebrating the many achievements of BTS.”

Many argue Lisa became the target for misogynistic, xenophobic, and slut-shaming attacks because of this.

Spotify has yet to issue a comment addressing the situation.

What do you think of this?


  1. ‪Your mistake caused LISA to be a subject of ridicule and women objectification and your silence gives consent to cyberbullies and slutshamers to further continue their heinous acts!‬

    ‪@SpotifyKpop @SpotifyKR @spotify @jeremyerlich @eldsjal ‬
    ‪#btsareslutshamers ‬

  2. Why apologize to Lisa no it’s not to mistake to Lisa as for me lisa it is a Good dancer and rapper and the best kpop in this world I’m so proud to Lisa she has a talented because people hated Lisa but why because she is not Korea why? I know other people hate Lisa but for me it is a Good kpop in this world it is a hard work for self and family and blackpink and member

  3. I think you’re awesome Lisa you are great Person who doesn’t know how to be anything else by herself and that and that alone makes you the greatest in the world in my eyes keep doing what you do and don’t worry about any of these haters they’re just jealous of you And they doesn’t know what else to do but hate Keep doing you and keep smiling baby Girl

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