Apink’s Bomi And Chorong Confirm New Sub-Unit Debut Date With Video Teaser

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Apink’s first sub-unit has finally announced its debut date!

Previously, IST Entertainment officially announced that Chorong and Yoon Bomi will be gearing up to release an album as a duo in July.

On June 20, Bomi and Chorong’s new unit CHOBOM unveiled a video teaser of their official logo motion teaser confirming their debut date to July 12.

This is Apink’s first sub-unit since their debut 11 years ago. The agency says they’ve giving their all to prepare the album and greet fans with new music and charms.

Yoon Bomi and Chorong’s new unit “ChoBom” means “early spring” in Korean.

Are you excited for ChoBom’s debut?

Are you excited for CHOBOM’s debut?

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