Apink Confirmed To Make A Comeback in 2023

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Apink will come back with a new album in 2023.

Oh Ha Young said in an interview with MHN Sports that she is preparing for an Apink album.

Oh Ha Young revealed, “Apink’s album is coming out soon and I’m preparing hard. I have been away for so long, so I think it is time to say hello again with an album. I’m working hard with the members, so I hope you look forward to it.”

Apink released their 10th-anniversary album “HORN” in February which topped major music charts like Melon, Bug, and Genie and also entered the top 3 of iTunes charts in 12 countries. They showed the power of the legendary girl group by renewing the highest initial chodong sales volume.

Apink debuted in 2011 and has been loved by listeners for their songs, “Mr. Chuu”, “NoNoNo”, “LUV”, “No. 1”, “Dilemma” etc.

In addition, each member has been active in various fields such as solo, entertainment and acting. Apink has been receiving love from all the activities and is expected to continue activities as a ‘Long running representative K-pop girl group’.


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