AOA’s Chanmi Surprises Fans By Revealing She’s Changed Her Last Name To Follow Her Mother’s Surname, Why?

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AOA’s Chanmi recent announcement has surprised fans!

On April 25, AOA’s Chanmi took to Instagram to share the news with her fans, she said she has legally changed her last name to that of her mother’s. She changed it from Kim to Lim.

Chanmi says she’s wanted to make this year about doing whatever she’s always wanted to do and one of the things was changing her last name, she says she’s wanted to do it since she was 20 years old raising curiosity about the reason behind why she has always wanted to change it.

Chanmi changed her legal name at the age of 27 [Korean age]. Chanmi says this means a lot to her and she’s wanted to share this with fans.

Chanmi has been active as an actress.

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