AOA Jimin Worries Fans About Her Drastic Scary Weight Loss, FNC Releases A Response

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AOA Jimin is worrying fans!

The beloved idol has uploaded a couple of photos of herself to instagram on February 12.

The photos were shocking to say the least; fans wondered if that was Jimin because she looked so different, she had lost so much weight.


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It is normal for idols to go on diets especially during promotions, however, its been a while since AOA promoted or had a comeback, also, the label never updated fans on any upcoming releases by the group. Jimin had always been on the petite side and is considered skinny but her recent appearance is making fans seriously worry.

The issue of her recently uploaded photo topped Naver real-time search rankings and articles talking about her weight were everywhere, worried fans wanted an explanation.

FNC Entertainment released an official statement on February 13, they told DongA news outlet,

“We understand there are a lot of questions about Jimin’s health. There is nothing wrong with Jimin’s health, she’s alright.”

Worried fans have left comments all over her social media posts, asking her to take good care of herself and to eat better. Her recent appearance is leaving people seriously worried.

Some of the comments were:

“Please eat well.”

“Get help!”

“Jimin eonni eat more please…”

“jimin please gain some weight and stay healthy”

“Please JiMin, just stay healthy! we love u <3”

What do you think of her drastic weight loss?

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