AOA Disbanding Soon? Fans Have Found Possible Clues

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FNC Entertainment group AOA are nearing their contract expiration phase and fans are worried.

AOA were supposed to hold their first ever fan meeting in Japan on May 2nd, however, on March 5th FNC released an official statement to the group’s fan café announcing the cancellation of the upcoming fan meeting.

The agency revealed it was due to ‘artists’ personal circumstances,’ however, this worried fans because AOA’s contracts with FNC are nearing their expiration. It was revealed by insiders that the group contracts will expire by the end of May this year.

Many fans fear this is an initial sign that hints at the group’s possible disbandment. AOA previously lost its main vocalist ChoA who announced her departure from the agency back in 2017.

In 2018, AOA only came back once with an album and the title single “Bingle Bangle” which did okay on Korean charts, many argue the best days of AOA are behind them, and many suspect the girls might not be renewing their contracts.

FNC hasn’t released any official statement yet that addresses the group’s contracts renewals. AOA are nearing their 7th year as a group and there is a known curse among Kpop fans, the 7-year-curse has hit many popular groups in the past.

The majority of Kpop groups sign for 7 years after their debut with their agencies, however, not many idols choose to renew their contracts with their agencies once those seven years are up, sometimes this results in the departure of some members from a group while at other times the agency announces the group’s official disbandment.

Fans are split on this matter, many believe the group won’t renew. Some believe its because FNC put its sole focus on Seolhyun neglecting the other members while others argue the group never had that tight of a bond to begin with.

What do you think of this? do you believe AOA will renew or not?

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