An Actor In His 20s Investigated For Allegedly Evading Military Service

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It has been reported that an actor in his 20s, who is active, has been on the list of military service corruption investigations.

Recently, one media outlet reported that an active actor in his 20s was included in the investigation of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office and the Military Manpower Administration’s ‘Joint investigation team for military service.’ Those who are also subject to the investigation include high-ranking government officials and more.

Most of their military service exemptions are disguised under the name of epilepsy, and the number of subjects of the investigation has reportedly increased significantly from 10 persons to 70-100 persons as the recent military service exemption broker investigation progressed.

Meanwhile, Cho Jae Sung (Ok Financial Group agency), a professional volleyball player was judged as a social service worker (grade 4) by the same method and was investigated by the prosecution. He admitted to the allegations on his Instagram, writing, “I am a participant in military service corruption.”

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