An Actor-Idol In His 40s Sued For Having Extra Marital Affair Leading To The Breaking Of Family

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An actor in his 40s from an idol group was sued for damages, claiming that his cheating with a married woman led to the breakdown of his family.

According to the legal community, Mr. B, a businessman in his 40s, filed a complaint claiming damages of 50 million won, saying that Mr. A, a famous celebrity, caused great mental pain by committing an unfaithful act with his wife and violating his paternal rights. 

According to the complaint, B claimed, “My wife met at least three times at the home of celebrity A, who was in a relationship before marriage, and after learning about it belatedly, she suffered damage by receiving psychiatric treatment due to a severe sense of betrayal.”

Mr. B’s wife acknowledged the fact that she met celebrity A, who broke up after dating once before her marriage, in a park or at home in May or June of last year, but claim that there was no inappropriate act.

There was no reply from Mr. A regarding the incident.

Mr. A debuted in the music industry in the 1990s and enjoyed great popularity through his group activities. Since then, he has been active as an actor in various dramas and films.


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