American Personality Bashes BTS And MONSTA X, Questions Their Gender, Calls Them Women + Worse

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American Actress Shallon Lester messed with the wrong fandoms and they’re coming for her neck.

The Personality/YouTuber recently posted a video about BTS and MONSTA X, and the video is shocking to say the least. She goes on a rant about how she can’t tell them apart, questions their genders and makeup choices.

About BTS she began her comments by introducing them as ‘the women of BTS,’

“We have the women of BTS. I don’t get it. I don’t – Look at these people. I don’t even know what to call them, boys or girls, because I don’t know what they are.”

About Jimin, she said,

“Look at those highlights.

Those chunky Toni & Guy mall salon highlights and the contact lenses. You are an Asian man. You don’t need to look like a girl name Ashleigh with chunk highlights and blue eyes. You’re allowed to look like an Asian man with dark hair and dark eyes. All of you are.”

She also commented on their hair,

“Why do you all have the same, weird orange? Girl.”

Mockingly, she helped up J-Hope’s face to the camera and said,

“What shade of lipstick is that? You look pretty.”

About Jungkook, she said,

“This one. Oh Pinky Lee.

I don’t – How do you guys tell these people apart?”

After putting BTS’s poster aside, she goes on to say she likes Asian men to look Asian,

“Is it weird that I think Asian people should be allowed to look Asian? I don’t know, call me crazy.”

But her racist ignorant remarks don’t stop there; she also took out a poster of MONSTA X and proceeded to criticize them as well,

“You can’t fool me, this is also BTS. You might say that it’s Monsta X, but they have the same haircut, they’ve got the same weird contacts, there’s no way that these are different people. There’s just no way these are different people.

What is this outfit they put this man in? It’s like from a Nautica ad in 1996, as it this one. This outfit just doesn’t make any sense at all. You have a chunky knit sweater over a flannel bathrobe with other bathrobe ties hanging down. What’s happening in K-Pop? What’s happening? I don’t know.”

Once BTS and MONSTA X fans found out about the video, they didn’t stand still. Due the heavy backlash, she ended up deleting the video altogether. However, fans took the chance to message her sponsors and make sure they know about her recent racist remarks.

Videos about her criticizing both groups have gone viral on twitter, the video of her ‘criticism’ of BTS garnered more than 2 million views as of this writing, take a look at the videos below:

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. I think she’s trolling and those are her posters. She says she can’t tell them apart, yet mentions exactly what makes them different. Nah. She’s a fan, just looking for attention for her youtube page. If I posted a video on my youtube channel, “Why I hate BTS, ” it would immediately get millions of views from Army. Army needs to be careful of how American publicity firms are manipulating their power to make nobodys famous. I hope BigHit sues her, though. I’m really sick of racism.

  2. First, where did she get the posters? She must have bought, or ordered them! Meaning- she’s a fan! But as a Celebrity which is going down the drain & no gigs coming up, decided to be a YouTuber. All in all, she’s just a Clout, riding on BTS & Monsta X popularity just to get views!!

  3. OMG, This B*tc* Is So Jealous Of Our Sexy Men Of K-pop, Haha I Never Even Heard Of Her, And She’s Trying 2 Bash People Who R Wayyyyyy More Popular Then Her, She’s A Joke, For Someone That’s Looks Old, Not Good Looking And With No Class Talking Crap About Others, Should Shut The F**k Up…

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