Amber Liu Opens Up About Why She Felt Angry After Finding Out About Sulli’s Passing

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Amber Liu recently sat down for an interview with People magazine, she talked about a lot of things including the tragic sudden death of her former bandmate Sulli.

During the interview, she explained why she felt angry after finding out Sulli had passed away, she says her first feeling was disbelief followed by anger,

“It was just so hard.

I felt really angry. I was angry at myself, too, because Sulli and I talked a few weeks before. It’s like, ‘Man, if I just sent another text, what could have happened?’”


Amber spoke highly of Sulli saying,

“Sulli wasn’t that type of person to actually let things get to her.”

However, the interview also brought up one of Sulli’s last Instagram live videos in which she told fans ‘I am not a bad person.’

About hate comments and how much they can affect idols’ mentality, Amber said,

“We grew up learning that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, but words do hurt… They physically can hurt.”

In the interview, Amber also talked about loving being a part of a girl group saying that she didn’t want to become a solo but it happened organically,

“Being solo was never something I wanted.

Groups have their off times as well. And, instead of me sitting around waiting, I was like, ‘I want to do some music.’ It started more as a side project.”

She also revealed that she’s currently working on an LP and she’s also focusing on figuring out herself and getting rest,

“My fans, I think, are the most concerned about me not sleeping.”


“I’m learning about myself every day, and I’m just trying to work on me as a person. Because I think I’ve frequently ignored it a lot. And now that I have not only a supportive fan base but a lot of really supportive friends and coworkers and people around me, I’m learning to understand that being honest with yourself and your thoughts is where you should start. I think every artist’s struggle is to try to keep making art, and hopefully it comes from a good place.”

If you’re curious about the full interview, you can read it from here.

What do you think of Amber’s comments?

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