Amazon Lists IZ*ONE Album Release Date For November 22, Mnet Issues A Clarification

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Amazon truly confused IZ*ONE fans!

It started a couple of days ago, fans began noticing that they could order IZ*ONE upcoming album despite the ongoing controversy. Amazon listed the album and wrote it would be released on November 22.

As previously reported, IZ*ONE comeback was delayed from November 11 indefinitely due to the vote-rigging controversy. Mnet hadn’t issued a response to re-schedule the comeback date yet.

This added to the confusion of fans who started wondering whether Mnet was rescheduling the release of the album. They even contacted customer support who proceeded to assure fans the album release was set to November 22.

However, it turns out to have been an error. Mnet told Sports Chosun that there won’t be a release for IZ*ONE’s album on Amazon,

“It’s true the album has been delayed. There must’ve been a mistake on the Amazon page. We have requested for Amazon to take it down.”

As you’d expect, fans were furious with Mnet’s response. They continue to heavily criticize them for their poor handling of the situation.

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