BREAKING: All Remaining LOONA Members With The Exception Of Vivi And Hyunjin Reportedly File To Terminate Their Contracts With Blockberry Creative, Agency Responds

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In a separate statement to SPOTV, BlockBerry Creative denied the rumors, they said, “They are not true.” Considering the agency’s previous numerous responses denying Chuu’s departure before officially announcing it, many fans are skeptical.

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9 members of LOONA have reportedly filed for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with Blockberry Creative.

On November 28, JTBC exclusively reported that 9 members of the remaining 11 have recently filed injunctions to suspend their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative, Vivi And Hyunjin have reportedly not done so.

The 9 members are said to have made this decision based on the fact that the trust between them and the agency has been broken, making it difficult to proceed with entertainment activities.

Blockberry Creative was asked to comment on the report and they said, “no comment,” when reached out to.

Recently, Blockberry Creative released a shocking statement confirming Chuu has been kicked out from LOONA after they alleged she was rude to a staff member.

There are speculation that each LOONA member has reportedly a different contract since they began their activities in different months, however, JTBC says their contracts began with the group’s official debut.

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