Alice Members Doa And Yeonje To Temporarily Halt Group Activities Due To Health Problems

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Alice members Doa and Yeonje will temporarily suspend their activities.

On March 6, their agency IOK Company posted an announcement on its fan cafe stating that Alice members doa and Yeonje will be temporarily suspending their activities due to poor health condition after consultation with medical staff.

Check out their agency’s full statement below:

“Doa and Yeonje recently visited the hospital due to poor conditions and health reasons, and received consulatation from the medical staff that sufficient rest and stability were needed.

After careful discussion with the two, we decided to temporarily suspend their activities and focus on rest and recovery. Alice’s activities will be carried out in a five-member system.

We ask for your understanding that we made the above decision with the artist’s health as our top priority.”

Meanwhile, Doa and Yeonje have been members of Alice since 2017. At the time of their debut, they were active under the names Bella and Hyesung, respectively, but changed their names to the ones they use now last year. Alice’s latest work is the single “Dance On” released in October last year.

Wishing them a speedy recovery!

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