Ahn Jae Hyun Visibly Nervous In First Appearance Since Divorce Drama, Apologizes To Everyone

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Ahn Jae Hyun has finally made his first public appearance since the news of his divorce from Ku Hye Sun rocked the entertainment industry.

On November 27, the main cast of MBC’s upcoming drama “Love With Flaws” attended its press conference. It was previously confirmed that Ahn Jae Hyun would be making his first public appearance following the divorce drama with Ku Hye Sun; all eyes were on him during the press conference.

During the press conference, he apologized for causing inconvenience due to his personal affairs,

“First, I wanted to apologize to the viewers and everyone involved in the creation of this drama if my personal matters have caused any concerns.”

He also stated that he worried about being of any hindrance during the press conference; many reporters wrote about how nervous he looked during the press conference, thankfully, the press conference went without a hitch.

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“Love With Flaws” aired its first episode on November 27.

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  1. Enjoy and rejoice because your ex wife might be the next Suli or Go hara…after ruining her because of your decisions of divorcing her and not being faithful of your feelings till end. For sure you will be the first person to be very happy if something happen to her. God bless your soul

    1. Bold of you to say God bless his soul. We all know nothing about their situation even with lots of articles about them. Not only girls could be depressed tho. Be careful of what you say in the internet. Not all you know are the truth. Not only those people you know experienced and felt lonely for what happened. Afterall,tho theyre public figures, only them exactly knows about themselves. Not all people are okay. You may just be supporting his ex-wife out of concern, but you may also hurt somebody. No matter who they are, Please be kind especially on your words ’cause we all have different struggles and challenges to fight. God bless. Hope nobody would kill themselves. God loves us all.

    2. What is there to enjoy . There are some things that don’t work no matter what . Being an outsider ,how do you know who was at fault ?
      Infact your words can also make him next jonghyun .
      Speak wisely or don’t speak if you can’t do it .

  2. I think he is really very depressed. You can’t fake that sweating. I just hope he has good friends and his family around to support him and that Love With Flaws will be a very successful drama. He need it right now so he can move on and get well soon

    1. Actually, out of the two of them, I think he’s the one to worry about. Nothing like dealing with depression and having to person you love and trust most to say “just get over it’. Then when you realize your relationship isn’t healthy (even blaming it on your own depressed state) that person not only won’t understand you, they try to make sure no one will ever be in your side.

    1. What affairs?? Zero evidence of affairs. She had a picture of him with an ex girlfriend before they were together and a suspicion of something with his costar, which had been profusely denied. Even she has backed out of those claims. I feel bad for these women. Can you imagine being drug out into public scrutiny by an ex’s wife?! Can you imagine working hard to build a name for yourself only to have it be sullied by a co-worker wifes paranoia?!

      1. These whirlwind romances sometimes end without a happily ever after. It’s called real life….. People need to mind their own business and worry about their own love life or lack of. I hope he holds his head up high and move on with his life/career. Other people just need to Stay in their own lane.

  3. So much of the time from our childhood, cultures, there are things ingrained within us, unrealistic expectations, shame and guilt used and lorded over lives as a tool of change, withholding love in a sick attempt to be in total control of someone else’s life. Who in their right mind would want to sit in the driver’s seat of someone else’s life; even parents(especially adult children), who believe that this is love, but is really an avenue of control.
    There is no one that knows the Ins and outs of what goes on in a marriage; NO ONE! Yet how quickly we are to tell someone to stay or leave, and then be the first to crucify those same people no matter what decision they make.
    Most times nothing is just a clear black and white; there are grey areas in couples lives that they themselves aren’t ready to acknowledge. It seems so much easier to keep wearing those masks. After all. if people really knew who I am or what I am battling with, they probably wouldn’t like me. So now the priority has become pleasing others as much as it to keep living in denial of your own struggles. Rather than look within your own heart.
    I don’t know much at all about either of these actors. I will say that I would not want to be in any relationship where I am tolerated and not appreciated. Very seldom when a marriage implodes; it is every just one sided. Even though the people involved will ever come out and say so. Now I have to find ways to continue to project to the public, this acceptable image.
    What I have noticed, and I assume that it is part of the culture, is how parents quickly take the responsibility for the choices and actions of their adult children. How they readily blame themselves. I understand when your children are young, but a full grown adult that makes a conscience choice!!!
    When human beings tend to put other human beings on pedestals and set unrealistic and unreachable expectations that they themselves cannot reach, the outcome is fear, judgment, shame, depression, hopelessness, suicide.
    This actor, AJH, how long is he expected to bow and apologize for whatever has occurred in his marriage; or what people think happened? I am curious because I have noticed that it isn’t just actors. So if you have caused any concern, you can expect it to be lorded over your head and the head of your family and love ones until….. .
    Anyway, I’m sure that no one who has commented on this issue knows exactly, without a doubt, what truly and honestly happened. The people involved said and showed you only what they wanted you to see. The pictures and information that was presented may or may not have underlying motives. After all, they each are imperfect and flawed human beings; as we all are

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