Alleged Problematic Photo Of YOUNITE’s Hyunseung About TWICE’s Chaeyoung Causes Uproar Among Fans, Agency Responds And Promises Strict Legal Action

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A recent alleged photo YOUNITE’s Hyunseung has gone viral and brought immense criticism towards the idol, the agency has spoken up and promised strict legal action.

Recently, on online communities, an alleged photo of YOUNITE’s Hyunseung went viral, the photo shows Hyunseung looking up at a sticker filter of Chaeyoung. The picture has a derogatory term written on it that alludes to pornography.

When the photo went viral on various social media accounts, TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s fans were furious. A couple of hashtags trended as a result on Twitter with fans demanding an apology from the idol and some even demanding he gets kicked out from the group. Many fans also tagged JYP asking the label to take strict legal response against the idol in question.

Since the issue became huge, Brand New Music ended up responding to the claims and the photo. The agency says the picture was maliciously edited to frame Hyunseung and that he had no part in this, as a result of this, they will be taking strict legal action.

Read their statement below!

Hello. This is Brand New Music.

Recently, an image of our artist on SNS has been confirmed to be maliciously edited. We will continue to take strong legal action against false information, defamation, personal attacks, insults, and malicious slander against our artists, and if you find any related cases, please refer to the email below and report to [email protected]

Thank you for your generous love and support, and we ask for your active cooperation.

Brand New Music will continue to make efforts to protect the rights and interests of its artists.

Thank you.”

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