After Dating For 10 Years, Block B’s U-Kwon And Jeon Sun Hye End Their Relationship

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One of kpop most well-known long-term couples has ended their relationship.

On May 1, Jeon Sun Hye took to Instagram to reveal the news via a statement as a post. She wrote that she and Block B’s U-Kwon have ended their relationship after dating for a decade.

She wrote, ‘since many people have been sending me DMs lately after seeing my Instagram stories, and since it seems that many people are worried, after giving it a lot of thought, I am cautiously writing this.

At the moment, we’re no longer lovers and are comfortably getting along as friends. Thank you for looking kindly on us and cheering us on up until now.”

Kpop fans were shocked to hear the news. Block B’s U-Kwon And Jeon Sun Hye first confirmed they were dating in 2012, around the time Block B were still rookies.

U-Kwon was discharged from the military in November of 2021 and he had actually brought up getting married to Jeon Sun Hye during his variety shows appearance.

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