aespa Reveal Fandom Name + Various Hashtags Trend In Celebration Of Their Debut

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aespa has finally debuted!

Prior to the group’s debut, SM Entertainment confirmed that the aespa fan club name will be “MY” (pronounced like the English word), which means “my precious friend.”

On November 17, aespa debuted with “Black Mamba” at 6 p.m. KST. The dance song has a synth sound, strong base and a catchy hook. Through the lyrics, the fans were introduced into the world of aespa and its unique storyline in which “Black Mamba” is the villain threatening the world and blocking the members connection with their “æ” avatars.

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To celebrate their debut, fans trended multiple hashtags including: #aespahotdebut and #BlackMamba. Fans are very pleased with the group’s debut single, many think the aespa members are such great well-rounded idols that its difficult to believe they’ve just debuted.

Have you heard “Black Mamba” yet? What are your thoughts on aespa’s debut track?

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