Advertising Brand Steps Up To Defend Chuu Over Her Removal From LOONA Due To Claims Of Power Abuse Made By Blockberry Creative

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Now an advertiser brand has stepped up to support Chuu over her sudden departure from LOONA due to claims of power abuse by Blockbery Creative.

On November 30, An official from Inspic, a mask brand where Chuu worked as an advertising model, said, “We are also sad about the notice of Chuu’s departure and find it absurb. We intentionally posted an message supporting Chuu.

Inspic took to Instagram to share a message supporting Chuu on the same day, saying,

“(Chuu) did her best to show various sides at the filming site, and she left a good memory in the hearts of staff by saying ‘fighting’ to the staff even in that difficult process. Even though we suddenly requested a photo card with her autograph, she brightly agreed and signed them herself and gave it to us. We hope this story about Chuu will be widely known.”

Blockberry Creative, her agency, earlier refuted Chuu’s announcement of expulsion, saying she verbally abused and overpowered the staff. After the agency’s position announced the news, public opinion started pouring in to defend Chuu such as this advertising brand stepping up to support her.

An Inspic official said, “I was heartbroken to learn about this notice of expulsion of chuu who left only good memories while shooting an advertisement with Chuu. After conducting an internal discussion, we decided to provide strength to Chuu and that’s how we posted this message on our Instagram. After shooting with Chuu for the advertisement, I find it hard to imagine that she can abuse her power. I hope good stories about Chuu will be widely known.”

On November 28, Blockberry Creative said that Chuu should prove her innocence if she wishes to and the notice of expulsion of Chuu was made explaining the current situation and it was not intended to expose Chuu’s power abuse on the staff

Chu also broke her silence and said on Instagram, “I’m also aware of the situation, but what’s clear is that I’ve never done anything to embarrass my fans.”

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