ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Refutes Accusations Of NewJeans’ Lolita Branding, Explains Alleged Sexual Lyrics For “Cookie,” To Take Legal Action

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ADOR’s Min Hee Jin has recently refuted the allegations surrounding her choices for the newly debuted group NewJeans but her response was met with more backlash from both Korean and international netizens, here is why!

NewJeans is HYBE’s first girl group under their subsidiary ADOR led by Min Hee Jin who used to work under SM Entertainment and was responsible for some of the biggest girl groups in the industry.

Recently, alongside the debut of NewJeans, allegations of Min Hee Jin glamorizing pedophilia and the lolita concept and sexualizing minors gained momentum. This was followed by people re-examining her past concepts for past SM groups, and criticism against her grew. Added to that, NewJeans song “Cookie” was under fire for including sexual innuendos and being sung by minors. Its noteworthy to point out that the criticism is levied at her and not at NewJeans.

Recently, she held an interview with Korean media outlet JoongAng Ilbo where she directly responds to the allegations and promised strict legal action.

Min Hee Jin says she found out about the controversy via her friends since she’s not active on social media. She addressed the allegations head on saying, “They are all false accusations,” adding, “I don’t want to suffer the injustice, and I don’t know when to ignore it.”

She also explains she’s a fan of “logical development” for the concepts of her groups and says people are attacking her based on her imagination, “at this point, it all seems intentional.”

She also addressed the screenshots people used to solidify their accusations against her, this includes photos from her studio décor that some netizens attached and interpreted, the photos of her studio include pictures of naked girls who are assumed to be minors as well as a picture of a girl with her top off, she says, “this is the double standard, so do all of the people who have items in my house have a problem?” She also added that they were gifted a couple of years ago.

Regarding the accusations of having NewJeans sing “Cookie” which many international fans say has sexual innuendos, what added to it is how the song was written by American songwriters. She argues cookie in this case means ‘CD.’ In The U.S., its usually refers to p*ssy.

She also says netizens misinterpreted her intentions and even brought up movies to associate with the photos she’s previously posted to her Instagram, she says, ‘they’re totally unrelated,’ and called what happened ‘slander,’ Min Hee Jin says, it only shows how pathetic they are when they make up fiction, they keep criticizing me but even if I explain, they probably won’t listen,” she also added she plans on taking strict legal action against the netizens who made those accusations, they have already created a new legal team to deal with this issue head on.

Despite her interview, netizens still criticized her for what they label a ‘deflection of responsibility and downplaying legitimate concerns.’

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