AB6IX Lim Young Min Says He Feels Ashamed And Pathetic In Handwritten Apology Letter Following DUI Scandal

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AB6IX Lim Young Min has written a letter to apologize to fans after his recent DUI that caused a disruption to the group comeback.

Earlier today, AB6IX agency released an official statement to announce that Lim Young Min was caught by police driving under the influence and that he had his license revoked.

On the evening of June 4, he posted this handwritten apology letter to his group fan café, he wrote,

“Hello, this is Lim Young Min.

First of all, I feel so ashamed and sorry for giving you such disgraceful news.

I am sincerely sorry for disappointing fans and the many people who have been showing me love and waiting for me.

I feel pathetic and it pains me that I have become a disgraceful hyung to the other members who have been indelibly wounded by my actions. Also, I’d like to sincerely apologize to the agency staff who have also suffer great damage because of this.”

He goes on to detail that the members and the staff had worked so hard to prepare for this comeback and because of his mistake, their efforts were undermined,

“I am so deeply ashamed…”

 He also told fans that he is aware of his mistakes and is deeply regretting and reflecting and will accept whatever criticism comes his way, he closed his apology letter with,

“To everyone who believe in me and supported me, including my fans, the group members, agency staff and family members… I sincerely… I once again sincerely apologize.”

Lim Young Min is currently taking a hiatus following his DUI.

What do you think of his apology letter?

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