AB6IX Leader Lim Young Min Caught Drunk Driving, Here Is What Will Happen To His Group Because Of His Reckless Behavior

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AB6IX Leader Lim Young Min has been caught drunk driving!

On June 4, Brand New Music released a statement on AB6IX’s official fan site revealing that the leader of AB6IX was caught drunk driving by police; they also updated fans on what will happen to his activities and the group’s activities as well.

In their statement, they started off with offering apologizes for delivering such unfortunate news. In the early hours of May 31, Lim Young Min met up with acquaintances for drinks and when they were done, he drove back to the dorm using his own car, he was caught driving drunk by the police who proceeded to confiscate his driver’s license and it was also revoked.

The label added that Lim Young Min is currently deeply reflecting on his actions and will participate in future police investigation if necessary. Because of his actions, all of his promotions as part of AB6IX will be suspended, and the group will carry on with their activities as four members without him.

Furthermore, AB6IX’s upcoming album which was originally scheduled to be released on June 8 will be postponed to June 29 after the reorganization of the team.

The label ended their statement with another apology to the fans of AB6IX, and promised to do better so such a situation never happens again.

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