A Man Throws A Glass Cup At DJ Soda Injuring Her In The Process, CCTV Footage Of The Shocking Incident Revealed

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DJ Soda has shared the CCTV footage of a man who actually threw a glass cup in her direction.

On August 3 KST, DJ Soda took to Instagram to share the CCTV footage along with a statement, she wrote,

When I was leaving DJ booth after show today, a guy threw a glass cup to the direction of me leaving and the pieces of broken glasses were splashed to my legs. So I’ve got a splinter of glass on my right ankle and I’m really in shock with this situation.

I really love seeing my fans close to interact more but if this kind of incidents happen, I can’t come out to see you guys close anymore.

Please keep your etiquette and manners.”

DJ Soda started out performing at clubs in Korea and now performs all around the world. She is scheduled to plan in various clubs around the world this August.

Fans are puzzled and astonished by what the man did. The glass could have caused serious injury to the DJ. There are currently no further reports yet on the matter. It is unknown whether she’ll be filing charges.

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