A Fan Threw A New iPhone 11 At EXO Suho During Concert, He Had The Best Reaction

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Kpop fans are known for being generous with their idols and some go the extra mile gifting them with extravagant presents to show their love and admiration, and it seems that happened again at EXO’s recent concert.

This particular fan managed to make headlines everywhere; the fan threw a brand new iPhone 11 at EXO Suho while he was performing.

EXO recently held their concert in Malaysia and the incident gain attraction everywhere as fans began sharing photos of Suho’s surprised-but-happy face when he saw the iPhone 11.

Suho picked up the phone and was holding it up examining it to see if it’s legit or not. While some fans argue that it’s very rude and dangerous for fans to throw things at idols while they’re performing, judging by Suho’s reaction, he seemed to be happy about the surprise.

Check out photos of his hilarious reaction below:

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What do you think of such fan behavior?

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