A Famous Singer Reported To Have Caused Public Nuisance In February Last Year

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It was belatedly reported that a famous singer showed a rather negative attitude toward a KTX crew member who requested him to wear a mask.

On January 16th, the Chosun Ilbo reported that in February of last year, famous singer A caused controversy at KTX with ‘no mask’.

According to reports, in February of last year, Mr. A boarded a KTX train from Masan Station to Seoul Station wearing a red jumper. Mr. A did not observe public transportation etiquette, by wearing a mask on his chin, singing in the room, and talking on the phone loudly.

Mr. A, who looked drunk, raised his voice to the attendant’s request to wear a mask, saying, “Are you deliberately pointing out that I am a celebrity?” The attendant eventually apologized for A’s reckless behavior of protesting along the corridor.

Netizens are outraged by Mr. A’s ill-mannered behavior and disrespectful attitude, which was reported belatedly, and are now looking for Mr. A.


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